«Lasciateci liberi di scegliere il numero di figli»

di Sonnie Ekwowusi, This Day (quotidiano di Lagos), 16 gennaio 2007

Il presidente nigeriano vede nel controllo delle nascite uno strumento di sviluppo
Expectedly, President Olusegun Obasanjo has found a new alibi in the recently released census figures which peg the population of Nigeria at 140 million. The President believes that with that figure Nigeria is over populated. Consequently, he advocates that Nigeria should control her population growth so that she can meet up with her planned annual "economic growth rate of a minimum of 10%". In plain language, President Obasanjo is indirectly attributing the failure of the Nigerian State in the last eight years to over-population. And one of the solutions he is proffering to the "problem" is that Nigerian parents should stop having more children.

Echi della propaganda statunitense anni 80
Nigeria has not ceased to be a country of the absurd. Anything can happen in this country. The questions I keep asking myself are: who do our political leaders think we are? Do they think we are fools ready to swallow any gibberish hook line and sinker without asking questions? Or, do they think we are like them? President Obasanjo is simply rehearsing the old discredited population explosion propaganda sponsored in Nigeria in the 80s by Planned Parenthood Federation and United States Agency for International Development (USAID)-two well-known agencies in the vanguard of population reduction in Nigeria. Their argument in the 70s and 80s was that Nigeria was overpopulated and therefore needed to trim down her size to enable her attain economic growth.

Finanziamenti per campagne di sterilizzazione e aborto
In 1987, USAID and the federal government spent a staggering sum of N288 million on government population policy of one-woman-four children. About the same time, John Hopkins population communication services paid the following for population reduction and sterilization of women in Nigeria: N390,000 for radio programmes and posters on abortion in Imo State; N100,000 to inform the public on where they can procure abortion in Ogun State; N405, 000 to the University College Hospital (UCH), Ibadan to increase the availability of surgical sterilization for men and women and for publication of a book on female sterilization procedures. Some Nigerian musicians, Journalists, writers, artists were recruited to forecast a false demographic Armageddon that will befall Nigeria. For example, King Sunny Ade and Onyeka Onwenu were recruited to produce an anti-family and birth reduction album entitled: Wait for Me. That album gulped N2.6 million.

I disastri dei paesi occidentali hanno dissuaso gli africani
Unfortunately, inspite of all the wasteful expenditure, the one-woman-four children population policy failed. Nigerian Muslims and Christians unanimously kicked against the policy. Reason: population control through abortion and use of contraceptives has ruined many European and American countries. Many of these countries are becoming extinct because married women who have been using contraceptives over the years can no longer have children of their own. To make up for this, they are now rearing animals in their respective homes. If you go to many homes in Europe and America, the only thing you will find, apart from TV sets and cars, are dogs or cats. No children. No grand-children. But we cannot afford to copy such a stupid value. In Nigeri, we still have the right family values intact. Children are our values. Dogs and cats are no substitutes for children in Nigeria. Every reasonable Nigerian couple want to have children of their own, who, among other things, will look after them in their old age.

Ogni coppia ha il diritto di scegliere il numero di figli
And now President Obasanjo, a proud father of many children scattered all over the country, has come out to tell Nigerian parents to stop having more children so that the nation's economy will grow. Who is he trying to deceive? If he is serious about this experiment, let him start with his own family. To dictate to parents the number of children they should have without their consent is a clear violation of their right to freedom of family life enshrined in our constitution, African Charter on Human rights and Universal Declaration of human rights.

Con la sovrappopolazione ci può essere sviluppo
But come to think of it, Nigeria is not over populated. What is 140 million compared to the resources of this great country? But even if Nigeria were over-populated, can population growth lead to falling standard of living? No. Extremely densely populated countries like Singapore, India, Japan and China enjoy high standard of living. In fact high population is inversely related to the Gross National Product (GNP). The higher a country's population, the higher its GNP. Most economists affirm that rapid population is no obstacle to economic growth. What may be an obstacle is the rate of growth but not the growth itself. China is invading the whole world today, Nigeria inclusive, thanks to their large population.

Una politica ispirata da stranieri
From the foregoing, President Obasanjo's proposal lacks merit and should be rejected. No doubt, he is bowing to the intense pressure from USAID, World Bank, and Planned Parenthood Federation of Nigeria, MacAurthur Foundation and others who are bent on reducing the population of Nigeria through the legalization of abortion and use of contraceptives. In some secondary schools in Nigeria, they are now teaching young pupils the techniques of sterilization, abortion, safe sex and masturbation, in the name of sex education. Is this not criminal?